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Friday, November 18, 2016

Technidyne Surpasses Target

In the month of October, Technidyne Corporation had its second highest single month revenue in the 42 year history of the company.

This is due to a combination of events...

  • new Technidyne products:
    • Color Touch X
    • TEST/Plus Opacity
    • TEST/Plus Gloss
    • TEST/Plus Caliper
  • strong PROFILE/Plus automation
  • great products from our partners
    • ACA - RoQ (roll hardness)
    • Emtec - TSA (tissue softness)
    • Techpap - MorFi (fiber morphology)
  • consistent, high quality service
  • dependable calibration standards
In lieu of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S., thank you to our employees for fulfilling their roles in such a way to help Technidyne reach this milestone. Each employee received a $100 bill to commemorate this special event and their commitment to our customers, to teamwork and to the continued success of Technidyne Corporation.

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