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Friday, April 28, 2017

Technidyne at PaperCon '17 in Minneapolis, MN

This week TAPPI PaperCon '17 was being held in Minneapolis, MN April 23-25, 2017. We were able to show a variety of products from Technidyne and it's partners such as Emtec, Techpap and ACA.

Technidyne has an array of new products including the TEST/Plus line of instruments and the Color Touch™ X. 

There are several instruments in a new line of stand alone instruments, the TEST/Plus Gloss, TEST/Plus Caliper and TEST/Plus Opacity.  The TEST/Plus line utilizes a tablet user interface and allows customers to purchase software features such as statistics through an App.  Other instruments in the TEST/Plus line will be released in the coming months.

Color Touch™ X
A new generation of ISO-conforming spectrophotometer with expanded wavelength capability beyond the normal visible spectrum. Touch screen user interface, built-in swing-in standard, automatic calibration and trending capability. The Color Touch™ X has already made an impact on the world-wide Paper Industry.

Color Touch™ QC
The next ISO-conforming spectrophotometer in the Color Touch™ family of instruments provides the basic functionality to perform QC functions in the lab. The Color Touch™ QC is specifically designed to replace the long-time workhorse, Technibrite Micro TB-1C, while still using the state-of-the-art technology that Technidyne optical instruments are known for.

Technidyne also represents ACAEmtec/AFG and Techpap for sales and service in North America. Some notable products include:

ACA RoQ (roll hardness)
ACA Permi (online porosity)

Techpap Morfi Compact (fiber morphology)**
Techpap 2D (formation)**
Techpap Simpatic (dirt & shives)**
Techpap Kheops (print mottle)
Techpap Pulp Inspector
                (automated pulp measurement
                - morphology, brightness, color,
                freeness, dirt & shives)

Emtec TSA (tissue softness)
Emtec EST 12 (surface and sizing tester)
Emtec PDA (dynamic penetration)

AFG CAS Touch! (charge analysis)
AFG FPA (fiber potential)
AFG DFA (dynamic filtration)

Get the same high quality customer service and support for all of your tests. Technidyne does more than brightness!

**available in lab and online

The best way to find out about these things is to follow this blog, see updates on our websiteTechnidyne on Facebook and see us at trade shows around the world.

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