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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Technidyne Christmas 2017

December 12, 2017, Technidyne had its annual Christmas lunch.  All employees were treated to a buffet lunch.  After lunch Todd Popson, CEO, recognized employees celebrating significant anniversaries as employees at Technidyne.
(L to R): Mike, Laurie, Matt, Cindy & David
There were five employees recognized:
  • 10 years - Matt
  • 15 years - Laurie
  • 20 years - Cindy
  • 30 years - Mike
  • 30 years - David
We are very proud of the fact that our average tenure is 17 years for all employees.  We have added four new employees during the course of 2017.

We broke into two smaller groups for the "plastic wrap ball game". The ball was unwrapped while wearing socks on their hands. They were able to keep whatever they unwrapped. When the next person rolled doubles with the dice the ball rotated. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the challenge.

It takes time and effort to find the right people, but when we do they stay for a long time and contribute to our DNA: Technidyne's passion for customer satisfaction drives us to be the best in the world at developing economical and creative solutions.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Technidyne in Argentina

I recently Mr. Sebastian Caputo, Owner, of RESAICAR our agent in Argentina

Technidyne and RESAICAR have worked together in Argentina for over 20 years. RESAICAR also has Mr. Diego Caputo to work with customers on projects and to perform service We spent time reviewing the economic conditions and market strategies in Argentina and Uruguay. RESAICAR sold the first Color Touch™ X in South America in 2015 and will be putting the first TEST/Plus™ ISO Brightness instrument into South America in early 2018.  RESAICAR sells high quality testing equipment from around the world as well as technical support and complete after-sales services to the Pulp, Paper, Printing, Packaging and Forensics Industries.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Technidyne in Chile

[L to R] Arturo Rodriguez (Jr), Todd Popson, Daniel Bannister, John Bannister
Last week, I spent time with Mr. Daniel Bannister, Director, of TIAR Ltda. our agent in Chile and the rest of the management team.  Founder, John Bannister, and Arturo Rodriguez Jr. were part of the team that reviewed the economic conditions and market strategies in Chile. Led by Service Technician, Victor, we visited Mr. Jorge Vargas Cifuentes at CMPC Tissue to discuss their biggest challenges and opportunities in the market.  The Color Touch X, TEST/Plus ISO Brightness, ERIC 950 measurement and other recent developments at Technidyne were discussed.

Technidyne and TIAR have worked together in Chile for over 20 years.  TIAR sells high quality testing equipment from around the world as well as technical support and complete after-sales services to the Pulp, Paper and Mining Industries. They have people located in the three main regions in Chile.  They have always provided top-notch service and technical support to their customers for years.  It is a pleasure working with professional companies like TIAR that put as much emphasis on service as Technidyne.